Sunday, December 30, 2012

Day Twenty Eight and Twenty Nine... Get Ready to Live Your Best Life NOW

I know I've told you several times, but I'm a bit of a perfectionist (both in the professional realm and my personal life). Though I know it's humanly impossible, I want to be everything to everybody. I never want to let anyone down. I hate losing. I want to make everyone, including myself, happy. I want to be PERFECT. Sometimes, though, my desire for perfection on my part and that of others causes me to miss out on the GREAT things that are occurring everyday. And it's often those small moments, the little things in life, that add up to the greatest gifts of all. 

Don't spend all of your time focusing on BIG things (or at least the things you THINK are big) and forget about the many blessings you have right now. One day, you'll realize that everything you thought was SO IMPORTANT wasn't that important at all. All of the moments you wish you could get back, well, it'll be too late. You know the saying, "A day late and a dollar short." Don't come up short this time around. I'm not telling you to stop working towards goals in life. That would not be the DIVA way. What I'm telling you is to take a break, stop for a minute, and smell the roses. More importantly, I encourage everyone to reflect on their life and the people they have in it. 

We all are SO blessed, but it's easy to look past all of the beauty and blessings life has to offer sometimes. It's hard to remember how wonderful our life is when situations in our lives aren't playing out as we imagined, but I try to remind myself of the great feeling I have right at this moment even when my life isn't perfect (and my life is NEVER perfect). I try to remind myself of this euphoric sentiment that is warming me all over like a blanket wrapped around a newborn. 
Now, mind you, I'm NOT perfect, so I TRY to keep myself jovial and in good spirits, but I get down sometimes too. What I do know is that, regardless of how I'm feeling any particular day of the week, I'M STILL SO BLESSED. Some days, like today, you wake up and look around and just bask in all of God's blessings. Days like today, I write down all of the things I'm grateful for so that, on those days when I'm feeling a little less than positive, I can look back and reminisce on the wonderful feeling I felt not too long ago.

So, that's what I'm going to do today!

I've got Superwoman as my mother, and she always reminds me the apple didn't fall too far from the tree. Kimberly Goudeau 
I've got two daddies that treat me like the princess I am, and anybody that knows me knows I'm the ultimate Daddy's girl!
I have the MOST AMAZING, beautiful, intelligent, driven sisters! Corey DavisSophia GodoYou GoudeauLola Goudeau-LawrenceDezaray Davis and Simona Denaluv DavisMy brothers are the DEFINITION OF REAL MEN. Cortney Bryantand Cj BryantMy nephews are handsome, my nieces are belles, and all of them are geniuses. All of my cousins are handsome/beautiful AND intelligent. Danielle Allen, Regina Theresa Clore, Christina Petra Atherall, Angel Atherall Krikorian, Julian Grubbs, Amina Bryant, Vincent Bryant, Katheryn Bryant, Kylon Bryant, etc. etc. Too many to name.
And me... well, I'm a DIVA!

I don't see how God can bless me anymore than he already has, but I pray that I continue to stay in his good grace and be blessed by him. If you don't think your life is where it should be, you need to convert some of your FREE TIME into KNEE TIME, and start praying so that God can guide you and put your life on cruise control. That's the DIVA way.

To give you a jumpstart on things, here's a poem to prepare your mind for this upcoming year. We all want to be winners. Allow GOD to guide you along the way. Tomorrow, as you're thinking about this poem, remember one thing. You cannot lose with GOD on your side. You're already so incredibly blessed. You're one step away from the next step you need to take. Let GOD guide you this upcoming year and make sure you take the right step. Tomorrow is DAY THIRTY. Think about everything we've talked about over the last thirty days. Get ready to live your best life NOW and start loving yourself FIRST! I love all you DIVAS out there. Let's make 2013 the BEST YEAR EVER!

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