Wednesday, January 16, 2013

What Does a 26 Year Old, Out of Shape Body Look Like....

So... I intentionally didn't come on yesterday because the thought of putting up photos of myself... and my fat stomach... is a little scary. No, I'm not incredibly overweight. When some people look at me, they might think I'm not overweight, at all.

But my body isn't where I want it to be. My oldest sister is 35. She recently had twins in May of last year. She has a tighter, firmer body than I have at 26. That's wonderful, really. I wouldn't want her to be out of shape because, after all, she is my sister. But she's my nine years older, mother of four sister and it's sort of a blow to my pride. I look at her and say, I gotta get it together! My goodness... she's birthed four humans and I've birthed... NONE!

OK, now that I've aired all of my dirty laundry... I digressed a ton just to delay putting up these photographs for a little while longer. Don't judge me. Actually, do judge me... I'm judging myself too! Come February 14th, I'll be a different woman. If putting myself out there encourages someone else, then I just gotta do what I gotta do! So... here goes nothing... and NO, I'm not with child. I just look that way.

Shout out to my cousin, Julian Grubbs. Talk about motivation!

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