Thursday, December 13, 2012

Day Twelve... Perfect for YOU

Society can sometimes force us to think that we should be looking for certain things in life. Certain job titles, certain incomes, certain bodies, and, believe it or not, certain mates. I know because I found myself wondering if I was looking for the right things in a partner. According to my father, I need to make sure he has a six figure income, a luxury vehicle, an IRA and a 401K. My mother pretty much concurs, but she also has to remind me that I want to eventually procreate with someone, so I have to make sure he looks good too.

I pretty much found myself in a bit of a pickle. Of course, being the DIVA I am, I wanted to find the perfect man. The problem is, my definition of perfection didn't exactly jive with my parent's definitions. Yes, I want a man with goals in life, but does that mean he has to make $100,000 or more every year or he's not worthy? Sure, I love the smell of leather and the new car scent, but does that mean I shouldn't be interested in a man doesn't drive a Mercedes, BMW or Lexus? And of course, I want to have beautiful children, but does that mean I should choose a handsome, sexy, childbearing worthy asshole?

I had to ask myself, what does a DIVA deserve? What would be perfect for ME? 

What do you think of when someone asks you to describe your perfect mate? Instead of trying to live for everyone else, start living for yourself. Make sure the next relationship you get in is truly what YOU want, not what society or your family thinks you need. And, if all else fails, if you need some encouragement and guidance, turn to the one person who will never steer you wrong- our Heavenly Father GOD. 

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