Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Day Ten... Never Get Desperate

Have you ever gone to the department store when you're trying to find something in particular... And everything you look at is just starting back at you. EVERYTHING looks beautiful. It's like the department store set everything up just for you.

I do it all of the time. I try to focus on what I came to the store for, but then I realize that it isn't there and I start throwing things into the basket that I don't really want and I definitely know I don't need. I ignore the little voice telling me to put things back. I get desperate. I don't want to walk away with nothing, so I just tell myself that it's better to leave with something rather than nothing. But that's the absolute wrong thing to do.

Merriam- Webster Dictionary define 'desperate' as 'having lost all hope' and Dictionary.com defines it as 'reckless or dangerous because of despair or urgency'. When reading over those definitions, what came to mind for you? What would you have lost hope in in order to become reckless because of despair? I don't know about you, but the only person/thing I could lose hope in that would cause me to become reckless or dangerous is GOD. If I lost hope in GOD, I don't know what I might do.

When you think of it that way, the state of desperation is a scary place. Sometimes, we go through moments when our faith is tested and it seems like we're losing hope and getting desperate. I've had moments like this. Losing faith in GOD means that you've allowed your personal relationship with GOD to lose it's strength, it's power. It's important to go through test like these. After all, you'll never have a testimony without walking through and experiencing some hard times.

The most important lesson to learn is that God never leaves you even when you turn your back on and start to walk away from Him. If you remember this, if you know that GOD will never leave or abandon you, you will know that there's never a reason to lose faith in him or his will. If you don't lose faith, you'll never get desperate.

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