Monday, December 10, 2012

Day Nine... What Motivates You

Have you ever woke up in the morning and just dread going to work? I used to feel that way. I used to wake up everyday and just think of probable excuses to get out of work. I loved the money I was making, but I didn't enjoy the work I was doing. I felt empty everyday.

I realized that I didn't want to just make money. I wanted to feel like I was making a difference. I wanted to know that, when I left this earth, I left it a better place than I found it. Yes, I want to be successful and, yes, I want to live an Epicurean lifestyle. Yes, I'd like to one day be able to call myself an epicure and be accustomed to nothing but the finest, most luxurious things. After, I am a DIVA.

Along the way, I had to figure out what motivates me to get up everyday. I had to decide if I was going to be a slave to the money or let my money work for me. I had to decided if I was going to live my life according to everyone else's standards, or if I was going to live for myself. To make these decisions, I had to find out what my passion is.

I'm devoted to my relationship with God. I'm devoted to self improvement. I'm devoted to empowering women. I'm devoted to loving myself and helping other people learn how to love themselves, too. I'm devoted to leaving this world in a better condition than when I first got here. I'm devoted to becoming a source of inspiration for people around the world... And that is what motivates me.

But what about you? What makes you feel like you all the money in the world doesn't add up to the joy you get from that activity or action? What makes you feel inspired? What motivates you?! Don't get desperate or fearful and settle for less. Today, stop and smell the roses... And be willing to say "These aren't the roses for me." Take the time today to sit down and really think about what motivates you!
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