Friday, December 14, 2012

Day Thirteen... Follow the Road on the Journey to Happiness

So, the last two weeks, I've really talked a lot about what it means, in my opinion, to love and appreciate yourself. And if you haven't gotten to that level just yet, I also brought out some key pointers that that helped me on my road to self-appreciation and learning my self worth. Although they're only suggestions, you have to start somewhere and if you look to people who have had success in learning how to love themselves, you will likely find valuable tips to aid you on your journey.

And that's what loving yourself is. A journey! There's no final destination or off-ramp on the road of life that says "Self Love          259 miles". Learning to love yourself is a journey, an adventure, an obstacle course that you have to make it through in. Except, in this journey, you never reach your final destination until you've reached your final destination in life. 

So, today's blog post is to motivate and encourage you to continue to DO YOU! When you're about to make a decision in life, be it big or small, don't bother explaining yourself to people who aren't going to support, motivate or encourage you to do better. Listen to your conscience  People call it a lot of different names, but I've always believed my inner voice is closely connected to GOD's voice. And what better person to listen to than GOD? 

Though you definitely want to be resolute about your decisions, it's good to have someone you trust listen to your proposed solutions. Then, when you're done, you can consider all of the advice and suggestions you've received all once. Just make sure that the final voice you listened to is your own.

Remember, you aren't living to make someone else happy. You're living to find your own peace and happiness. Just remember, happiness and self love aren't destinations. They're adventures that you never quite arrive at. After all, real DIVAS never stop trying to improve themselves.
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