Monday, December 17, 2012

Day Sixteen... Positive Affirmations

A lot of people are living under the illusion that the American Dream is not working for them. They think they've got the game all figured out, and that there's some sort of glass ceiling that is preventing them from taking things to the next level. But in all actuality, they are holding themselves back. We are our own worst enemy.

Have you ever heard the saying "Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're exactly right?" The reason this statement is so true is because we bring about what we think about. Every thought we have is an affirmation, and whether we're reaffirming negative or positive thoughts is completely up to us. Our affirmations reflect how we truly feel about ourselves and what our innermost truths are.

Cultivating positive thoughts and working towards a more positive frame of mind is one of the most powerful life strategies. The only thing more powerful than keeping a positive frame of mind is using positive thinking techniques and affirmations to achieve your dreams. Now, everyone is wired a little bit different, and things that move you may not resonate with someone else. But positive affirmations are a great asset when working to reprogram yourself from negative thinking to positive thinking. 

The idea is to take positive ideas, statements and images of what you would like to see manifested, and repeat them enough so that they become a part of your way of thinking. You don't want to see the world as you once did. Your affirmations need to be constructed to eliminate any room for negativity. To come up with your own positive affirmations, use the following guidelines, but remember, each statement should focus on what you do want. Not what you don't want.
  1. Think of how you want your life to be.
  2. Think of how you can get there.
  3. Think of in what ways you can improve your life.
  4. Write down the things that you come up with.
  5. Now, come up with three to five statements for each area.
There's no guidebook on how often you should say your positive affirmations. But remember, just like it takes time to develop a bad habit, it takes time to develop a good habit, like thinking positively. You know I'm an advocate for "Knee Time". but I'm also an advocate for "Me Time". You can repeat affirmations at any time, because you're saying them to yourself in your head, to yourself in front of a mirror, or to yourself while singing a song. No one way is more effective than the other. It just depends on what your preference is.

Real divas are constantly looking for opportunities to improve themselves. Although this may be a bit new age for most, set yourself apart by saying something positive and uplifting on a regular basis, rather than picking yourself apart at every given opportunity. You'll love the person you become. Your family and close friends will notice a difference in you, as well. And we all know, DIVAS love to love themselves! So, love yourself today for everything that you are, but keep seeking to improve yourself. I know I do!

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