Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Day Seventeen... Take Some Me Time and DO YOU

I'm a busy woman. I get up and work out for about thirty minutes in the mornings... OK, OK. Not everyday, but I do try to go hard in the paint a few times a week. Then I work nine to eleven hours, come home and try not to fall asleep before I spend a little time at the Diva's Lounge. Somewhere in between, I have to dedicate time to laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping and cooking. I hardly have any time to myself... and I'm thinking of adding a Master in Business Administration program to my plate.

If your life is anything like mine, I'm sure you spend a lot of time running errands. Most of your days are spent working, and then you try to fit in the necessities around your work schedule. God forbid you have other people to look after, as well, because then you'd really have to squeeze in time to get the simple things in life done.

Occasionally, I have to work in some time just for me. I try to set aside Friday night and Saturday morning for my "ME TIME", but that doesn't always work out. I mean, a Diva's star shines the most in the dark night hours, and I'm no different. I have a sign in my house that says, "After my mani, pedi and facial, I just needed some ME TIME." So, tonight, I decided to do some things that I love. Yes, I love getting pampered, but it's not something I love to do. Reading, writing, and cooking... those are things that I love to do. And I did ALL of them tonight.

When was the last time you took some time and set it aside to just do you, whatever that entails? What do you love doing? Reading, writing, watching movies, having a pampering session? Maybe you want to take some time and paint your nails or relax outdoors. Whatever it is, do it. This month is about learning how to love yourself so that, come January 1st, you're already in the habit of doing things that PROVE you love yourself.

What better way to show yourself that you're in love with you than dedicating time to yourself. Take a few hours and spend some time with yourself doing whatever you like to do. Diva's have to take good care of themselves. So, relax a little and JUST DO YOU... DIVA STYLE!
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